Yahoo! It’s August already. That’s only a month before I turn 32. I still can’t believe I am now in my early thirties, inching my way up to mid-30’s. I already gave my hubby my wish list as is our custom for the three major events in the year – birthday, Christmas and wedding anniv. Some may say that this takes out the spontaneity in gift-giving. Maybe. But it works for us. We both get exactly what we want. And besides, since we give each other a list, we still don’t know what the other person will decide to buy, though most of the time, it’s the one on top (yes, we list them in order of preference). Also, more often than not, we both give each other a bit of an extra surprise. And then, there’s also the creative way of giving the gift. Once, I engaged my hubby in a treasure hunt. I started with a clue that lead him to a small gift plus another clue until he gets to the real major gift. Another time, hubby gave me a gift which I really liked. Then we went out and when we got back home, another one was waiting on top of my pillow. We try to outshine each other in giving gifts. So now you know why I am excited that my birthday is just a few weeks away.

For this year, on top of my list is a tool that will come in handy when I edit photos, or make digital layouts.

Yup, I’d like the Graphire4 Pen & Tablet Set. I initially wanted a 6×8 set but later realized I could do with a 4×6 (I can just spend the balance on scrapping stuff!). This should make photo-editing a breeze. It will also come in handy now that I have started to dabble in digital scrapping.
Another option is the more advanced Intuos3 Pen & Tablet Set.

But this is about twice more expensive than Graphire4. I would love to have this except that I want more than just the pen and tablet.

There are other stuff in my wish list which includes a field trip to the scrapping stores in the Metro. For once, I want to see the actual stores and not just shop online which is my usual shopping medium. So, what do I have in mind?
The paper storage rack at Lasting Impression (The black one with wheels)
Lots of chipboards, specially alphas
Clear Stamps and Rubber Stamps – Technique Tuesday, Gel-A-Tins, Paper Salon, etc.
Inks – pigment, solvent, etc.
Stamp cleaners including Staz On cleaners
Perfect Pearls Pigment Kit
Subscription to Memory Makers and Scrapbook Trends
I would also love to have a bigger photo-printer. Lee Imao of Pinoyscrapbookers said Epson is good. And the Canon Pixma I saw at the Mac store in Greenbelt looks totally cool – it can print really large photos!

Would also love to have some cool accessories for my MacBook – like that transparent cover. I’d love to have the red one. And another color. You know, so I can use whatever fits my mood. I also need the cleaning kit so my Mac will always be spotless.

Lastly, maybe a pair of shoes and a matching bag. I’m not kidding when I tell my friends my scrap shopping has totally taken over my interest in clothes and accessories! Good thing my hubby is ever-supportive of my hobby. Most of my major purchases are sponsored by him. Don’t I have the coolest hubby?

Can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves. No pressure honey!

Written by Alby Laran


  1. Alby August 8, 2007 at 12:31 am Reply

    Hi Christine. Thanks for your suggestion. I actually thought about that. That wire thingy is also available at Ace Hardware and Handyman for P300. They have black, white and even colored ones. But what attracted me to the one at LI is the fact that the storage rack has wheels. That's because of the way my scrap space is laid out at home. I need the portability. But I'm still seriously considering the cheaper alternative. Hmmm…let me think what I can buy with the savings…

  2. myls August 7, 2007 at 5:02 pm Reply

    alby!!! when's ur birthday? advance ha! :) btw, emman (my bf) also wants that tablet and pen thingamajig! he's been bugging me about it kasi he's a graphics geek. at ms paint lang ha, matiyaga ito! but now he's trying to study photoshop. his bday is in sept, kaso mahal, mura sa sg, sayang di ko alam na gusto niya. hehehe… is genius ok na ba? mahal nga yung intuos e. :(

    anyway, advance happy birthday and hope you get all your wishes! :) mwah!

  3. Christine August 7, 2007 at 12:56 pm Reply

    oh hey, btw, regarding that black paper storage rack that you want – just in case you're interested…. I made myself one using the same materials from Makro (white nga lang and without wheels). Still came out way cheaper… I got several packs of 12 panels for less than P300/pack. With 9 panels, I was able to come up with 5 shelves. To support the weight of the papers, I added some cable ties. I haven't (yet) used the other packs/panels as I have limited space right now and the rack looks a bit bulky… but maybe in the future, I'll try to add more shelves.


  4. Christine August 7, 2007 at 12:45 pm Reply

    Happy birthday in advance, Alby! :) These days, I keep thinking it's OK to celebrate another birthday so long as we don't actually feel any older, hahaha!!!

    OHHHHH! That Wacom is on my wishlist, too! Haha! Looks like my hubby and I have the same gift-giving philosophy as you and Ariel! 😉 We also tell each other what it is we want – takes away the headache of having to think of something to get 😮 – and we still both end up happy! haha!

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