My very first sunset shot made me fall in love with photography. I took that picture back in summer 1993 using an automatic camera borrowed from a neighbor. After that summer, I took a Photography class as an elective at the UP College of Mass Comm. My parents bought me my first SLR and I learned how to print my own black and white photos. After that summer, I started taking sunset and night shots every chance I get. I learned how to use the bulb setting of my camera and I never travel without my tripod.

Last April, my hubby and I went on our annual anniversary adventure. But let me talk about that in a separate entry. I just want to talk about the picture above. The resort we stayed in at Bantayan Island faces the east. I was a bit disappointed that I won’t have my sunset shots during that trip. So, on our last day, I decided to get up at 5am and wait for the sun to rise. For the first time, I took a picture of the rising sun and it’s love at first shot. I can’t believe I waited all these years to take a sunrise shot. It’s definitely worth missing another hour or so of sleep. Simply beautiful.

Written by Alby Laran

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