This is the second layout I made as an entry to a challenge. I was pretty pleased with it. I had fun with the colorful papers, I enjoyed the different techniques I tried – inking, random stitching, hand-cutting, etc. I used the 3 Bugs papers, stickers, tags and rub-ons. And even if I am afraid to put several patterned papers together in one layout, I did it anyway. I love the circles. I love the 3D effect using foam tapes. I just enjoyed making this – the creative process, and what it stands for.

I love the photos featured in this layout. It was taken during our Viaje Del Sol weekend (story and pictures shared in my previous posts). The theme of the challenge was Moments to Treasure. This was certainly one treasured moment shared between me and my hubby. Yes, there were eight of us in the group but that didn’t stop us from having special moments throughout the day. These pictures were one of those fun moments the two of us shared. I wanted to have a “romantic” picture taken so I asked my cousin to take a picture of us by the window at the Kusina Salud restaurant. Ariel was so self-conscious he didn’t want to look at me. I kept telling him to look me in the eye and we ended up laughing. That’s the photo I used in the insert. We got it right on the second take. That’s what I used as the main photo for the layout.

My vision for this layout was to show that weekends are special to me because Ariel and I are together on weekends. Weekends are special whether we stay at home or go out for a road trip. Having said this, I believe that along with the photos, the heart of this layout is the journaling:
“I love weekends! During the week, we stay in the city, spend most of the day apart, and at night, we only have a few hours to catch up before we fall into exhausted slumber amidst the urban noise. Weekends are different. We head off to our Cavite abode on Friday night where our tired bodies recuperate as the soft, rhythmic symphony of crickets and frogs lull us to sleep. We would wake up late to the sweet music of country birds and the aroma of freshly brewed mountain coffee. We love to cuddle in bed until our grumbling stomachs tell us it’s time for some breakfast. We enjoy playing with our dogs Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha and Harry until they are too tired to play catch. We eagerly watch our favorite movies or TV series on DVD until our eyes are teary from watching too long. We shamelessly belt out songs in our Magic Sing until our throats ache from exertion. Sometimes, we are content to just curl up in our favorite corner with an engrossing book. Other times, we go out to explore new places. On this particular weekend, we took a day-long road trip to Laguna and Quezon. We were treated to mouth-watering dishes, met talented craftsmen, took a lot of pictures, and had a wonderful time JUST BEING WITH EACH OTHER. I look forward to weekends. Each one brings treasured moments whether we stay at home all day in our pajamas, dress up for an elegant dinner, or go out in our jeans and slippers for a road trip. Weekends bring us together. I LOVE WEEKENDS!”

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Written by Alby Laran


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    hi alby. this is a very nice LO. So sweet. got moved with your journaling.

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