I have a confession. I am new to blogging. As I was growing up, I’ve had several attempts at writing a journal. I never succeeded. I’d probably put in less than ten entries before I give up. I love collecting cute notebooks though. So now I have a lot of fancy notebooks with scribbles on the first few pages. The same fate has befallen many of my planners, including my PDA. Even in school, I’m not too keen on taking down notes. I guess that’s why I love Math. I didn’t have to take down notes because there is no need to memorize. For exams, I’ll just practice solving the exercises in our textbook. I guess, writing is just not my thing. Quite a surprise considering that I was editor-in-chief of our grade school paper, and the features editor in our high school paper. I actually don’t remember a single thing I wrote. Never kept a copy of our papers. I’m not even sure if my parents knew about them.

Anyway, why the sudden interest in blogging? Well, for one, since I am into scrapbooking and one critical element of scrapbooks is the journaling – the story behind the photo(s). I just thought that blogging is one way to polish my writing skills. Also, it’s a good venue to share our photos. Knowing the stories behind those photos make them more meaningful. And since I can’t scrap all my photos, writing about it in a blog sort of complements my scrapbook layouts.

I won’t promise to do this often though. Perhaps only when I feel like it, or when I have an experience that is interesting enough to talk about. Whatever.

Written by Alby Laran

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